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Deviant for 3 Years
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Uncolored Sketch
Mean Girl by SweetsisMagic
Like Other Girls by SweetsisMagic
Je Suis Liberte by SweetsisMagic
Kimono Ponies EXTRA by SweetsisMagic
Anthro Sweets by SweetsisMagic
Spotty by SweetsisMagic
These are all examples of final sketches. The lines are rough (can be cleaned up),  and may be colored, gray, or black  depending on preference. 

10:points: pays for a sketch of one pony/humanized/EG style/anthro sketch. Each additional figure is 2:points:, this includes additional props or furniture.

References for OCs must be sent through note. They must be on owner's, or another site like Imgur. 
Colored Sketch
Love Melon- OC by SweetsisMagic
Merryweather- OC by SweetsisMagic
Sunshine Skies- OC by SweetsisMagic
Tarragon- OC by SweetsisMagic
Sahara Jubilee- OC by SweetsisMagic
Killjoy- OC by SweetsisMagic
Exactly as picture above. Blackened, final sketch with basic color. Can do male and female, anthro or non or EG style. 

As before, references for OCs must be given. If you have a cutie mark reference it would be greatly appreciated.

20Points gets you the full body (or not, depends) colored sketch. Additional figure, props or pieces of furniture are 3Points extra, each. Addition of simple background is also 3Points extra.
Black Lined Piece
OTA Stallion by SweetsisMagic
Human Twilight Sparkle by SweetsisMagic
Can do this in a wide range of styles. This is a step up from the colored sketch, where plain black lines are used. The look is cleaner, but may take longer. 

As always, reference needed for OCs.

The 40Points gets lined art, with a simple background and prop-- if desired. 4Points extra per additional figure, prop or piece of furniture.
Sketchdump (Small)
SciFi Ponies by SweetsisMagic
SciFi Ponies Male by SweetsisMagic
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A small sketchdump is made up of 4-6 sketches that fill a 750x1500 .png file. 
Sketchdump (Medium)
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A Medium sketchdump is made up of 7-12 sketches, all fitted to a 975x1950 .png file.
Sketchdump (Large)
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A Large sketchdump consists of 13-19 sketches, all fitted to a 1025x2050 .png file

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How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Hmmm, while this particular account is only 3 years old... I've been on DA for about 8-10 years? Can't say for sure.

What does your username mean?

SweetsisMagic-- Pretty straightforward. I chose Sweets as my handle in Brony community because it sounded like the most generic and unoriginal pony name ever. Then, one day, I decided to get a Twitter account. Sweets was taken (dammit). So I used "is Magic" from the show title to give myself the name I tend to use if Sweets is taken on a site.

Describe yourself in three words.
Creative. Contradictory. Intelligent.

Are you left or right handed?

Lefty! All day every day, baby!

What was your first deviation?

MLP Meme1 by SweetsisMagic

My first Deviation on this account was a freaking meme omigod... -_-

What is your favourite type of art to create?
I like creating MY art! XD as stupid as that sounds. I like looking at my art and knowing that it's mine. More recently, I have leaned more toward digital art.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I'd love to master acryllic painting! I love the way acryllic looks and the colors. So nice.

What was your first favourite?

EqD ATG II - Day 22 - Ponies Hanging Out by muffinshire
I favorited this first. Weird, huh? But I did like it. I remember when Chrysalis was still brand new. How time flies...

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Mainly Pony Stuff, since this is my pony account! I like to keep my fandoms separate-- it just makes it easier on my brain.
Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Alkl-time favorite artist...? That's really hard to say, for certain. But, if I must:

1: :iconjohnjoseco: --I have always loved his work, and made me want to work on improving my digital art!

2: :iconkilala97: -- I love her a lot. She was the first artist who really made me enjoy nextgen MLP characters. Her cast is colorful and her art is bouncy and cute. 

3: :iconlopoddity: -- All my yes. She has some of Kilala's bounce but also has this... adult quality to her work? Not to say she is an adult or not, but the work reminds me more of if Disney took over MLP. Maybe it's kind of nostalgic for me in a way? She's another Nextgen artist, and her characters are just as exciting and funny as Miss Lala's. Pandora's awesome, and so is Cupcake! Heck, I didn't really ship Twi and Dissy until Lopoddity-- so thanks for that XD

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I shall now list the peeples:
     :iconearthsong9405: I met her at Bronycon 2014. She was super sweet and I'd love to meet her again and grab coffee or sushi or something and talk. 
:iconkilala97: and :iconlopoddity: Would love to meet them because senpaaaaaais~ (even though I think at least one of them is younger than me 0.0 so who is the kohai and who the senpai-- oh my brain hurts.)
:iconyourocsucks: Just... all of them. I really like the podcast and the whole premise and grabbing like burgers with these four seems like fun. They all seem like dudes I'd chill with.
:iconbritishmindslave: Last but not least (like, totally not least). I'd love to meet her, she's been a great friend, and I think one of the only friends I've made through DA.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
It's be super easy to say like "oh, soandso is a great artist and they've made me wanna be better..." Fuck that. :iconbritishmindslave: Has been a really great friend to me. She's new, but she's awesome. She listens, and I don't feel intimidated by her amazing mondotalent XD. I feel like we're equals, and I feel like I can have good art discussions with her. We can laugh, be serious and be artsy and that's super awesome. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Traditional art for me is drawing. A good set of pencils, my Sakura micron inking pens and prismacolors! I really love to sketch and doodle, because it keeps my hand busy. As for digital... I adore Paint Tool SAI (heck I legally bought it, that should show how much I love it) and its flexibility. as well as the way the tools handle. 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Somewhere where people don't exist and all there is... is me and the music. I listen to music a lot when I draw. So when I'm in my own little world, I can be anywhere. As long as I have a table and something to draw with (and headphones) I can transport myself to wherever the music takes me.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Entering :iconbritishmindslave:'s contest. It was my first DA contest ever, and I had fun. The piece was also one of the first with a decent background! I didn't win, but I made a cool friend-- and that's kinda better (means I have a better shot of winning next time XD sorrynotsorry)


I'm really close to 100 watchers, I'm super duper excited for it!
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm just a typical Brony, who loves ponies and the like. I enjoy so many other things, but this DA is specifically for all things small-horse! I'm a college student, planning on transferring to Clemson University. Would love to major in Fine Art and Art Education!

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