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Uncolored Sketch
Mean Girl by SweetsisMagic
Like Other Girls by SweetsisMagic
Je Suis Liberte by SweetsisMagic
Kimono Ponies EXTRA by SweetsisMagic
Anthro Sweets by SweetsisMagic
Spotty by SweetsisMagic
These are all examples of final sketches. The lines are rough (can be cleaned up),  and may be colored, gray, or black  depending on preference. 

10:points: pays for a sketch of one pony/humanized/EG style/anthro sketch. Each additional figure is 2:points:, this includes additional props or furniture.

References for OCs must be sent through note. They must be on owner's, or another site like Imgur. 
Colored Sketch
Love Melon- OC by SweetsisMagic
Merryweather- OC by SweetsisMagic
Sunshine Skies- OC by SweetsisMagic
Tarragon- OC by SweetsisMagic
Sahara Jubilee- OC by SweetsisMagic
Killjoy- OC by SweetsisMagic
Exactly as picture above. Blackened, final sketch with basic color. Can do male and female, anthro or non or EG style. 

As before, references for OCs must be given. If you have a cutie mark reference it would be greatly appreciated.

20Points gets you the full body (or not, depends) colored sketch. Additional figure, props or pieces of furniture are 3Points extra, each. Addition of simple background is also 3Points extra.
Black Lined Piece
OTA Stallion by SweetsisMagic
Human Twilight Sparkle by SweetsisMagic
Can do this in a wide range of styles. This is a step up from the colored sketch, where plain black lines are used. The look is cleaner, but may take longer. 

As always, reference needed for OCs.

The 40Points gets lined art, with a simple background and prop-- if desired. 4Points extra per additional figure, prop or piece of furniture.
Sketchdump (Small)
SciFi Ponies by SweetsisMagic
SciFi Ponies Male by SweetsisMagic
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A small sketchdump is made up of 4-6 sketches that fill a 750x1500 .png file. 
Sketchdump (Medium)
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A Medium sketchdump is made up of 7-12 sketches, all fitted to a 975x1950 .png file.
Sketchdump (Large)
A bunch of random sketches of whatever you ask me to draw! From body studies, to facial expressions, rough to finished sketches and even some color.

A Large sketchdump consists of 13-19 sketches, all fitted to a 1025x2050 .png file

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Hey everyone! If it hasn't been obvious, I've posted something interesting-- an adopt! Thanks to my good friend :iconadamleisemann:, the bidding has started off with 20Points! Bid increase is 3Points, and AutoBuy price is OTA (Anything above 100Points !) 

Since my great friend has started the bidding, the Auction will end a week from when this Journal is posted (July 9th, 2015, 11:59 PM). 

Robot Pony Adopt (Auction CLOSED) by SweetsisMagic (here is the lovely in question) So if y'all want this lovely girl for yourself, just head on over!


Slate Sea- OC by SweetsisMagic
Slate Sea- OC
Another adopt, finally with a set design! She was adopted by the lovely :iconbr0kenp0nies:! Their adopts are so colorful and lovely!

This is Slate Sea, an earth pony with a fascination and love of the ocean! She grew up by the coast, and had access to the beach most every day. She may as well have grown up in the ocean... speaking of-- y'all are confused by the fins and gill slits huh? Well, that's a pretty cool story, and it ties her to another adopt I absolutely loved! 

Some information:

Slate Sea was born on a cloudy day.

Her favorite thing to do is swim. 

Her favorite color is coral. 

She is currently making door entry curtains of sea glass, to hang around her home. 

The bracelet she wears was given by her grandmother, who swears a seapony made it for her when she was young. 

One day, while looking for oysters, Slate was caught up in a strong current, and dragged far out from the land. She remembers blacking out, then waking up on the shore. To this day, she has no clue who saved her, but since then she's had these secret fins, that appear when she becomes totally submerged in water.

What I love about her: I love how her eyes are warm, but not too warmly colored. They fit her, but pop out enough to make her unique and not too bland. Her hair and coat colors look great too.

Somethign to change: Hmmm... Her eyes are probably a little too close together.
Okay, it's not just me right? Unicorn horns are a goddamn bitch to draw, right? Right?! Please tell me they suck for everyone else... #BronyArtistProblems 
Robot Pony Adopt (Auction CLOSED) by SweetsisMagic
Robot Pony Adopt (Auction CLOSED)
Yay! I made an adopt, instead of buying one! I'm proud of myself : 3

So here's a green robot pone, I really like her colors. Too lazy to make her shiny and metallic. My favorite parts have to be her bolts and seams, not to mention her hair ^^ super cute, yay! Ciel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] So, I'm giving her to a lucky person.


Bullet; Orange Please comment below in the Starting Bid section to leave your bid.
Bullet; Green No hate or anger, please!
Bullet; Yellow All points go to my donation pool
Bullet; Blue You may gift and resell your adopt, with a cap of 150 points MAX
Bullet; Orange You may change her color or species (for 15Points  I'll sketch the redesign for you)
Bullet; Green Gender is not changeable

Seizure Bullet Seizure Bullet Seizure Bullet BID INFOSeizure Bullet Seizure Bullet Seizure Bullet 

Star! Star! Star! Bidding Has Ended. Winner is :iconadamleisemann: at 20Points.Star! Star! Star!  

Starting Bid: 15Points 
    increments of at least 3Points 

Auto-buy Price: ...? Make me an offer?

Hope y'all like her, and thanks so much.


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I'm just a typical Brony, who loves ponies and the like. I enjoy so many other things, but this DA is specifically for all things small-horse! I'm a college student, planning on transferring to Clemson University. Would love to major in Fine Art and Art Education!

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